Spyder Crane

Our crane has a carrying capacity of up to 6500 lbs, making it suitable for just about every job.
Spider Crane lifting a hot tub

Understanding Our Spyder Cranes

While Spyder Cranes may appear compact, their innovative design and advanced safety features make them incredibly powerful and versatile for a variety of lifting tasks. We understand the unique challenges that come with working in confined spaces, and that's where our Spyder Crane mini cranes excel. They've got patented Overturn Protection Systems that ensure safe operations by measuring ground pressure and reacting to any loss of stability. It's this kind of technology that gives us the confidence to tackle jobs in tight spots without compromising on safety.

At Randco Millwright Services our Spyder Cranes come equipped with a gasoline engine and optional single phase 220 system that can be run off a generator out side the building. With this our crane can be ran in side a building with out a gas engine making noise and dangerous fumes inside the building.

What To Expect With Our Spyder Cranes.

Understanding the technical advantages of SPYDERCRANE, let's explore how these mini cranes perform in various real-world scenarios.

In the heart of cities like Grande Prairie, space is a premium, and Spyder Crane's shine by enabling lifts in incredibly tight quarters. We've seen them nestled between buildings, carefully hoisting glass panels to refurbish sleek skyscraper facades, raise hot tubs into tight spaces and more.

Construction and oil sites benefit enormously from their versatility. Whether it's maneuvering through narrow doorways or operating inside structures with limited headroom, these cranes tackle projects once deemed unfeasible. 

Safety is paramount, and we've witnessed the Overturn Protection System in action, providing peace of mind as it automatically prevents dangerous situations. In residential areas, the battery-powered models are a godsend, emitting no fumes and significantly reducing noise, which is crucial in noise-sensitive environments.

In industrial settings, we've utilized the auxiliary winch to lift components to great heights, while the Smiley Work Platform has been indispensable for indoor operations. The remote control feature, in particular, has been a game-changer, allowing us precise maneuvering from a safe distance.

Every time we're on a job, we're grateful for the Spyder Crane's flexability.

Spyder Crane Lifting

Spyder Crane Key Features

  • Only 24" wide
  • Full-function wireless radio remote controls
  • Centrally located infinite variable controls - Automatic throttle
  • Onboard self-diagnostic computer system
  • Anti-two block system
  • Hexagonal boom design with 31 ft. tip height (37 ft with jib)
  • Automatic hook stow system
  • 360 Degree continuous rotation

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